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The Religion Blogosphere

February 1st

Welcome to the world of Godinterest weblogs, (or blogs), and the cyberspace they all inhabit, known as the blogosphere. Godinterest bloggers connect to mainstream news ...Read More...(No Comment)

WordPress for Religion

February 1st

Godinterest Sites is a publishing platform, built on WordPress, where people can both write and read important, insightful stories on the topics that matter most to them ...Read More...(No Comment)

Blogging Theology

January 29th

Godinterest Launches WordPress Blogging Portal For Students And Teachers of Religion Over a week ago, using the fully hosted version of the popular open-source WordPress content ...Read More...(No Comment)

Our Mission

January 29th

Godinterest Sites is built with WordPress a software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. The basic WordPress software is simple ...Read More...(No Comment)

Welcome. Godinterest sites gives you everything you need to create a unique and beautiful website, or blog today. It’s easy and free.

If you are new to Godinterest Sites below is a step-by-step plan for getting started. If you need help along the way, plenty of options for assistance are available here.

Unless you want a one-page site, every website or blog should have at least a couple pages, including an about page and a contact page. We also recommend a blog page to house your news or posts as well. But depending on your site’s purpose, you’ll probably want other pages as well, such as a portfolio or gallery to show off your work. Your homepage is the first page people will see when they go to your main url. Most websites will have a blog – in fact, many sites are just a blog!

These articles discuss the important parts of getting started with Godinterest Sites.

Knowledge Base

    1. Accounts & Setup 

        1. Create a Blog
        1. Deleting my account / blog
        1. My blog is deleted
        1. My blog is suspended
      1. My IP is being blocked and I can’t signup
    1. Appearance & Customization( 

        1. Using Themes
        1. Customize Your Theme
        1. The side panel on my blog is now showing?
        1. My featured images are gone!
      1. Setting featured images
    1. Comments & Feedback 

      1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Custom Domains 

        1. Domains
      1. Domain Mapping
    1. FAQs 

        1. Godinterest for Android
        1. I am not sure how to get started on Godinterest
        1. What are articles/canned responses and how do I use them?
        1. Connect your domain to your blog
      1. A note on permalinks
    1. Guidelines & TOS 

        1. Is mature content allowed on Godinterest
      1. What is Godinterest's Guiding Principles?
    1. Media 

      1. Inserting images, pictures and photos into a post and page on a Blog
    1. Mobile Blogging  

        1. Mobile Blogging
      1. WordPress iOS App
    1. Posts & Publishing 

        1. RSS Feeds
        1. Import Blogs - Blogger, Live Journal, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, RSS
      1. I'm still getting a bunch of these "post update" emails?
    1. Reports & DMCA Complaints  

      1. Report a blog as spam or as of offensive nature
    1. Upgrades & Premium Features 

      1. How do I pay for my plan?
  1. Users & Profiles 

      1. Adding Users to your blog
      1. User Roles
      1. User Profile
    1. User and Blog Avatars

Need More Help!

As simple and easy as it is to use Godinterest, if troubles arise, if something is confusing, if things aren't working, don't despair because help is available!